Film Scoring by Matthew Lloyd Otto

Matthew Lloyd Otto


My name is Matthew Lloyd Otto, and I am a songwriter and producer from Texas (USA). My greatest musical passion is collaborating with filmmakers to create original music for film. Visual storytelling is a powerful medium that I'm honored to take part in, and my approach is to understand and enhance your goals by providing music that matches the desired effects of each scene. I am a studio owner and engineer that uses a variety of instruments to craft music of almost any style. In addition to film scoring I have experience as a production assistant and video editor, so I understand how critical each phase of the creation process is in achieving the overall vision. I’ve provided a RESUME and SAMPLE MUSIC below. Additional music is available on the DOWNLOADS page. Use the links above to learn more ABOUT my year-long music project, "A New Song Every Day," in which I wrote, recorded, mixed, and published 366 original songs in 366 consecutive days. CONTACT me if you’d like to meet and discuss working together, and thanks in advance for your consideration.

Sample Music:

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