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ThreeByNine Studio (Bedford, Texas)

Brandon Steach, Stephen Boutwell, Matthew, Justin Stout (2007)

Matthew at ThreeByNine (2009)

Filming with Unblind Productions (2009)

Explaining this project on live web-cast with WCM

Brandon Steach at ThreeByNine (2009)

A few instruments used in this project: Vantage thin hallow-body, American Fender Strat Plus Deluxe (1996), American Fender Jazz Bass, Fender Banjo, American Fender Jazzmaster ('65 re-issue)...Not pictured: Takamine Acoustic (G-series), Casio piano, dulcimer, Fender mandolin, Hohner harmonicas, and more...

oneunder: Adam Smith, Ryan Otto, Brandon Steach, Matthew, and Josh Brouillette at the YMCA in Bedford, Texas (1994)

oneunder: Ryan Otto, Rick Eckart, Adam Smith, Brandon Steach, Matthew at The Argo in Denton, Texas (1996)

Brandon Steach, Ryan Otto, and Matthew (1996)

2nd Home: Zac Folk, Justin Bizjack, Matthew, Brandon Steach, and Josh Brouillette before a show in Fort Worth, Texas (1992)

Brandon Steach (1996)

Adam Smith at ThreeByNine (2009)

Ryan Otto, Matthew, and Adam Smith (1995)

Rick Eckart driving the RV to a show in Dallas, TX (1998)

Above: Calendars from "A New Song Every Day" Below: Matthew, Brandon Steach, Jeff Stout, and Stephen Boutwell (2007-2008)

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